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Your Cinema is ​an initiative that showcases films for young people while authentically reflecting the BAME experience across the UK.

With individuals on incomes lower than £20,000 not visiting cinemas more than twice a year, ticket sales for the cinema are in steady decline as younger audiences find content that they can better relate to online.

Created for the provision of films to underserved audiences, Your Cinema is an initiative that provides a mainstream outlet for films reflecting the lives and cultures of 16-25 year olds from BAME from underserved areas in the UK.


Formed in partnership with Film London and Vue Cinemas, this consists of a series of low-cost screenings followed by a Q+A with a popular online personality.

This format provides a unique way for young audiences to engage with the cinema on their terms as it brings together their online viewing habits with the traditional cinema experience.



























Since its launch in October 2015, Your Cinema has had notable coverage from platforms such as BBC Radio 1xtra and GRM Daily while garnering support from actors and directors such as Ashley Walters, Arnold Oceng, Mo Ali and Kayode Ewumi as a new way for future generations to watch the films that cater directly to them.


Reach: 1.5m+

Delivery: Content creation, digital strategy, social media activation, cross-platform partnerships

Influencers featured: Ashley Walters, Suli Breaks, Kayode Ewumi and more

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