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Film London are a leading organisation responsible for pioneering a creative culture that delivers success across Film, Television, animation and much more.


With a need to equip new exhibitors via Cultivate; their UK-wide training programme, we were asked to provide workshops and advice for exhibitors on how to identify, target and market directly to your audience in a climate where films are consumed more online than they are at cinemas. 


Given the success of Your Cinema in 12 months, we walked trainees through the 3 stage process we use to curate and market events and campaigns while giving them the opportunity to directly apply these principles to a number of scenarios and audiences.


With an emphasis on being simple yet effective, our sessions were widely regarded as the most useful and engaging throughout the course with a number of exhibitors bringing feeling able to bring ideas they had been sitting on to life again.



Delivery: Marketing and event strategy, Workshop and Q+A sessions

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